Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My first attempt at an interlocking mani

Here's my first attempt at a type of nail art that I thought would be impossible.

I only have two pictures as the camera died after these.  These were my no clean up pics to see how it would photograph.

Polishes used were a white base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls over matte magic.  I then freehanded a diagonal stripe in the other colour- I was intending to wait and use tape then figured as the line was having dots on it, what was the point in taping it for a crisp line?- then dotted using a medium sized dotting tool.  

The first one I did was the black one, then the teal one, then the purple one.  For my little finger and thumb I just used a glitter polish from the Barry M range, Ruby Glitter. It was far easier than I imagined, although I bottled it and didn't do my right hand, I just used the glitter!

I have some annoying little air bubbles in the white dots, but apart from that I think they turned out pretty good.


  1. Looks great this is so interesting to see!

    Jazz x

  2. I need to sort my life out and get a dotting tool as this looks great, simple yet effective :)


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