Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Photo Set-up

I've been trying a new set up for my photos and wondered if anyone has noticed any improvements on photos? 

Previously I've been taking photos wherever I find the best quality of light with the minimal of background distractions, then cropping anything too excessive out of the shot.   My favoured photo spots have included a windowsill at work on the stairs which gets great natural day light all day long (and I try to look like I'm sending a text!) the bathroom with all the white tiles bouncing light, the kitchen with black work surfaces and lots of lights and the bedroom against the light coloured wall.

I haven't got a light box, nor do I have space to keep a lightbox, so I've had to go for a make shift option.  I've taken most of my bottle pictures against a folded sheet of A4 white printer paper, this is something I started doing years ago when selling things on e-Bay and as a make shift option for improving my photos I've expanded on this slightly, by putting a crease in the middle and cutting a slit in the middle for the fold.

I expanded my foldable photography space by folding a second sheet of paper to get a three sided set up and this is now what I'm using to take pictures.  I've found the lighting in the kitchen combined with a flash seems to be working best, although I do worry it seems a little too softer focus at times.

Here's my three sided arrangement:

I've also been playing with white balance settings and flash on or off to see what seems to work best. 

I'm open to positive suggestions about photography.  I am guilty of using my mobile and my tablet more often than an actual camera, but this is more because of convenience for me, the pictures upload straight to a picasa album and allow me to edit them straight from there without having to find the USB lead for the camera or fiddle with the SD card reader slot on hubbies laptop (both manicure killers!)


  1. Ahh this is a great idea, I always struggle in where I should take photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Emma. I may give it a try until I can get a lightbox built and find a place for it. Right now, I have another project that's taken priority.

  3. I definitely see an improvement in your photos. They are so much sharper!


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