Saturday, 3 November 2012

Mystery W7 polishes

I've just got home to the Midlands after a week in Cornwall.  On one of the rainier days we spent some time shopping in Truro - where I gave into temptation in TK Maxx to get some of their offerings.

I hesitated by some Barielle polishes, but there were a couple of crap ones in with decent ones, I resent collections where I have to pay for crap to get a couple of amazing colours.  I'd sooner buy them individually on eBay.

I did buy this W7 collection.

These are mystery polishes, nowhere on the bottle do they have a name, nor is there any name on the packaging.  They have silver bottle tops so they are slightly different to normal. I suspect the teal on the left is Envy, the middle is one of the planets, possibly Mars and the right one could be Mercury. 

Here is a real joke, check the RRP:

Me thinks TK Maxx may be fibbing a little.

I'm yet to tend my poor neglected nails.  The scheduled post from yesterday mentioned my good intentions to use my Nail Envy every other day.... oooooops.  I forgot to even pack any handcream, and only looked at my cuticle oil twice over the week.  My hands are not good at the moment, the cold weather has really triggered my eczema to flare up too (perhaps the rubbish diet I've eaten hasn't helped either!)

If you think you know what the mystery colours are please leave me a comment so I can look them up :D


  1. I know what you mean they've got to be kidding! I pay £1.95 a bottle on Nail polish direct, It's a pain trying to figure out the colours LOL! The middle on could be purple rain and the one on the right could be Cosmic purple :)

    Jazz x

    1. I've swatched these and will post them in the week, I've looked up the colours you've suggested on google images, compared to the on the nail pictures I've taken they don't look similar, but from the bottle shots I can see why you'd suggest them.


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