Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nails Inc Motcomb Street

I'm on a kind of no-buy at the moment.  I've not officially declared a no-buy, I got the set of three from TK Maxx at the end of October and last month I only got the Nails Inc TSV and the newest a-england polish Beauty Never Fails. I have nicely circum-navigated this no-buy: I bought Glamour Magazine for £2 and got the free Nails Inc Motcomb Street polish.  I'm still looking for the gold glitter polish on my travels, four shops so far and I've not found it.

Here's a couple of pictures of it.  It is a Navy blue creme, on the last picture I have daubed it deliberately on my skin to show that it is blue! 

This was one coat put on over the top of what I was already wearing (very lazy, I know.)

My index finger is out of shot as I've been picking at my cuticle and it's a little bit red, I'm a terrible cuticle picker.  I've since got the nippers on the loose edge and now there's nothing to pick at so I'll leave it alone.

My other nail related purchase I have made arrived last night, Poshe AHA Cuticle Care Cream (ironic given what I put above!) I love this cream, my other tube ran out earlier in the week so I ordered the replacement from NailPolishDirect Thursday morning, it arrived yesterday. My cuticles are never going to be perfect as I am guilty of picking occasionally, but this does help.  It also helps remove cuticle from the nail bed, I personally find this works better for me than Sally Hansen cuticle remover gel.


  1. Ahhh this one looks lush :) It's the only one I didn't pick up but I might have to now. For some reason the glitter I got is definitely more sliver then gold :S

    Jazz x

  2. I didn't bother with this one, but it looks a lot more blue here than it did in the shop(s). I layer new polishes over a manicure I'm already wearing when I'm too lazy to take it off first as well lol. And Jazz, I was looking at my gold glitter the other day and thinking it looked really silver...hmm...


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