Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nubar Indigo Illusion

Nubar Indigo Illusion is a soft duochrome shifting from lilac to green to grey to blue to gold.  It is very similar to Essence Where is the Party, perhaps just a shade or two lighter.  I did once wear them side by side and it was pretty close.  This was a potential wedding polish I bought just over a year ago - it's almost our first anniversary so I'm going to post the colour I did actually wear soon.  I dismissed this one as being too "soft."

The Nubar formula is very thin and would take a few coats to hide any VNL, so I decided to use a-england King Arthur underneath to prevent this and reduce the number of coats needed.

King Arthur is one of my lesser used a-englands, one I don't seem to have used previously on my blog, so here it is alone, one coat over my favoured base of nail envy and matte magic.

And here it is topped with one coat of Indigo Illusion and Seche Vite.

without flash shows more green

The next picture was taken after a day's wear so does show some tip wear and a slight wrinkle I managed to create (which I hadn't noticed until I saw this picture) but really shows the gold and green shades.

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