Friday, 9 November 2012

Olive gold comparisons

I have three shades of gold/green/olive which I have been wanting to compare.  After trying out the new a-england shade Beauty Never Fades in this post I decided to try the other similar shades side by side to see if any of them were dupes.

My dupe contenders were L-R W7 Metallic Saturn, W7 Magnetic Gold and China Glaze Agro.

In the bottle I thought they all looked pretty close, but on the nail there were some differences.

I used Metallic Saturn on my middle, Magnetic Gold on ring and Agro on little finger.

This picture says it all, Metallic Saturn is more gold, Agro is more green and without the magnet the "gold" looks quite grey!

No dupes here!


  1. Oooo they are all great, I really like Saturn x

  2. I have saturn and its such a lovely olive chrome to wear :)

    Jazz x


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