Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ozotic 533 Vs Enchanted Polish Across the Universe (picture heavy)

Another comparison post!

Two very similar blurple holographic duochromes purchased from Llarowe some time back, then I wondered why I had bought both when the order arrived.

My base for this manicure was Rimmel Matte Magic.  I read a while ago- on a blog which I cannot remember so cannot credit- that matte top coats make an ideal base for Layla Metal Mirror finish polishes.  Since then I have used it a couple of times as a base, not necessarily under metallic polishes.  I doubt it will prevent staining so I have used it previously over my normal base of Nail Envy, however on this occasion as I was a bit miffed at buggering up a  decent mani and having to start over I used it alone.

I then used a single coat of a-england Elaine, a deep plum which I haven't previously posted despite having had it as long as most of my other a-englands.  This is another heavily pigmented one coat cream from Adina.

I used Ozotic 533 on my middle and index fingers finishing off the holo duochrome polishes with a coat of Seche. I used Enchanted Polish Across the Universe on my little finger and ring finger.

As we only have horrible sleety snow and rain and freezing temperatures I have struggled to get some daylight pictures, but managed to get a few on the go pictures on my phone.

Whilst the two polishes are very similar, although I feel that the Ozotic sways more to it's purple shade and the Enchanted Polish leans more to a blue shade.  I doubt very much that anyone bar the polish obsessed will see any difference between the two, but I can so in that sense I can justify having both.  I have previously had terrible wear time with the Enchanted Polish but this time it wore really well, I think it gripped the matte base better than the nail envy.


  1. I really like both of those. And your choice of undies is awesome. I have that on my wish list. One day. :0) I agree with you about how both polishes seem to lean (one to purple and one to blue). Great job, Emma!

  2. Gorgeous! I love these holo's and glitter's you keep wiping out, make me want to buy them all. Lovely :)

    Jazz x


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