Thursday, 29 November 2012

Polish Lemming Facets of Fuchsia

One of my polish lemmings for some time now has been Facets of Fuchsia by Revlon.  Imagine my glee when I saw that Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction had posted a blog sale and this beauty is on there new and unused (a full bottle!!)

Anna kindly bought this in a day earlier than expected and I have gleefully painted my nails tonight with this :)  

My cuticles are a bit rough at moment, it's the sudden bitter cold snap, my hands are't appreciating it!

Out of curiousity I mattified it too, but have to say I prefer the shiny finish.

This is my first ever Revlon polish, so I've got to get used to their brush and formula now!


  1. Looks fab!! I've not tried mine yet - excited. Did you layer it over black?

    1. Two coats no undies, was considering black but decided for first time I'd wear it alone


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