Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Purple Holo Gradient

This manicure is what I created on the No H8 day Nov 8th, but I have only just gone through the pictures to post it now.  On No H8 day I linked to an old post with some imperfections, ironically enough this post is also showing some imperfections.  

I had a gradient in mind using a-england Lady of the Lake and OPI DS Original.....  sense a but coming?! 

My trusty (5 year) old bottle of the DS polish is now quite low and I didn't want to waste any of it soaking into a sponge so I used a-england Princess Tears instead, it's a similar shade with a soft holo.

I always use a chunk of kitchen sponge for my gradients and to save keep taking chunks out of new ones once I've finished I'll cut below the polish line and use it again another time.

My base for the gradient was 1x Nail Envy and 1x Matte Magic, I then used 1x a-england Guinevere to build up some coverage before applying the gradient.

For some crazy reason I've never worn Guinevere alone, it's a gorgeous soft smoky lilac.  It's always been a colour I used under glitter or as a back drop to dots.

Here she is alone (this isn't a good paint job, but then as I was about to get messy with the sponge I didn't clean up)

I topped this off with 1x Seche to dry my base quickly, then set to sponging, finishing again with Seche.

The following pictures make it look like I still have polish round my nails, well I guess I must have done as it's on the images, but IRL there was nothing visible, the silvery nature of the paler Princess Tears meant that although I couldn't see it the flash picked it up.  Still this is a No H8 day mani remember!

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