Monday, 26 November 2012

PVA Glue as a Base

Something I haven't really mentioned on my blog is that I have OCD tendencies.  Not in the "are all the beans lined up perfectly in the cupboards" sense but more so in the washing hands, not wanting to touch things, germophobic sense.  I used to be far worse than I am at present, but I admit I'm still quite bad.   It was worse when I was ill in October as I was washing my hands to avoid passing my germs on as well as not wanting to catch anything else!  Chip and PIN machines and pens in chemists to fill out prescriptions are my worst foes!

I have seen wear tests using PVA bases and wondered how long it would last on me, given the fact my hands probably go under the tap and are washed in warm soapy water on average two or three times an hour.  More if I'm cooking.  Because the wear tests I have seen have proven fairly negative I have skipped using the glue as a base.

After posting my glitter rainbow two of the polishes caught my eye, so I figured I'd give peel off PVA base a go. I normally tend to use PVA glue as a skin barrier on gradients rather than as a base.

I was quite careful when applying the PVA base to ensure it wasn't too near the edge of my nails, in order to give it a fighting chance.  If there had been any glue on my skin I would start picking and before you know it I'd have killed the mani within hours of applying it.

Here's a guide to what my base will have to contend with: hand washing (obviously!) showering, cooking, however I never ever wash dishes (my eczema goes mad if I go near dishes, yet my skin copes with antibac soap quite well!) and cleaning.  My work is office based so I am at my desk for approx 7hrs and typing a lot.  I find I get more tip wear from typing than anything else.  I use antibacterial hand gel a lot during the day, but equally so hand cream and cuticle oil.

Anyway enough writing onto pictures!

I used China Glaze Tinsel Town with an accent of a-england Merlin.  My base was a thin layer of PVA.  Tinsel Town went on in two coats and Merlin went on in three. This was topped with two layers of Seche for a smooth finish.

Just applied PVA

PVA has disappeared, so now it's dry.

After 24hrs I had some tip wear and some slight chips which were my own doing as I had picked at a loose edge whilst talking on the phone.  I then tried to chip it off but it was seriously welded!  I peeled most off but not in the single sheets seen on other blogs.  Maybe those two coats of seche were to blame?  Perhaps it was the thin PVA layer which meant that it didn't peel so easily? Overall I'm quite impressed at how much hammer it took, 24 hours is enough for me to say I'll use it again.


  1. I tried this the other day and like you it didn't peel off in one go, and again like you I only applied one think layer of glue whereas on other blogs I've seen they've applied two coats of glue. So maybe that's the answer - more glue. I'll deffo try again.

  2. I've used two coats and it definitely peels off easier...or just pops off when you don't want it to.


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