Friday, 30 November 2012

W7 Mosiac / Saran Wrap

After wearing a matte / sponged texture on my nails for a day I was inspired to try this saran wrap mani with a glitter accent and imagined it with a matte texture.

I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on all my nails (even the accent nail to ensure the base was same for both of the bluey shades.)  I topped the base with Seche and gave it about 15mins before using saran wrap technique using a-england Galahad.  I finished this with Rimmel matte topcoat.  My accent nail is W7 Mosaic, I used two coats of this and topped it with the same matte topcoat.

Rimmel matte topcoat leaves my nails with a velvety texture, but for me this combination was missing something so I topped it with a-england the shield top coat.  Sometimes this top coat bubbles horribly on me, so I rarely use it.  On this occasion it worked perfectly!

I want to try this with white and sky blue for a cloudy look, this colour combi reminded me of swimming baths!

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