Thursday, 22 November 2012

W7 Mystery Polishes swatched.

Another post from me today, trying to clear my older photos and draft blog posts! 

The W7 Mystery Polishes I purchased from TK Maxx when I was holiday last month have turned out to be something of a let down, if I had paid the RRP shown on the box I would have wanted my money back (a ridiculous RRP of £20.85 for three polishes, not even at the daft prices I saw this brand marked up at in John Lewis would three add up to £20.85, the value must be in the silver lids.)

The first one I tried was the teal, which I thought may be Envy.

See the way it looks to have pooled a third of the way up the nail?  This pooling was better than the bald spots it originally had.  I had to dab the polish on to get this result.

Next mystery polish is the duochrome in the middle.  This reminds me a lot of Nubar Iris Dust - must try a comparison of these two soon.  Like the teal above, this was a horrible streaky polish which wanted to leave bald patches.

Finally is the better of the trio, the formula on this is what I would normally experience when using W7 polishes.

Still without a clue as to what these could be...  Thanks to Jazz at Glitter Infatuation for your suggestions.


  1. I think the middle one is Metallic Mars, you can check it out here: the iridescent effect looks really like the one I posted. Was fooled by the silver lid a first! If it is, I didn't have any probs with my application!

    Agree on Envy and no clue about the last one, sorry.


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