Sunday, 30 December 2012

Barry M Turquoise and Layla Ultra Violet

Today I'm posting two more of the polishes I received at Christmas.  The holo was a gift and the Barry M was one I used a gift voucher to purchase.

First up is Layla Ultra Violet holo.  I have read that the Layla holo polishes can be hard work and go on streaky or need special bases, I used my normal base of Nail Envy and Rimmel Matte top coat.  I had no problems with base this at all.  The following pictures show two coats with of Layla topped with Seche.  One of these is after a day's wear, I'm not sure which as there was no real tip wear.

The last one is indoor lighting, no flash, holo still there.

Barry M Turquoise was a real surprise.  In the bottle hubby looked at this and described this as "quite a boring polish" and to be fair I agreed somewhat.  But on the nails it comes to life, an almost neon finish with more of a green leaning than is visible on the photos.  This polish will be worn again, possible stamped over or dotted, but it certainly comes high up on my favourites in this type of shade.  Close to a-england Galahad in my favour but not quite!

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  1. Such perfect manis! I wonder how the Barry M. compares to Wet N Wild's I Need A RefreshMint (one of those Tiffany blue dupes). It looks similar from your photos, and I love INAR.


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