Thursday, 27 December 2012

Birthday Blues

It was my birthday earlier in the month.  I got an Amazon voucher which was timed perfectly as I needed more Nail Envy and Seche Vite.  As there was a little bit of the voucher left I searched W7 and ordered one from Faith (AKA!!) Whilst I begrudge the fact that purchasing a W7 from them via Amazon costs me extra in postage, as I was buying it with a voucher I could swallow it.  Just about!

I ordered W7 "Fluorescent Blue" which I actually think is more of a baby blue.  It arrived pretty promptly and I love the colour of it in the bottle.  It is a frosty, baby blue.  The formula seemed very runny and I managed to flood my cuticles several times.  It was thin and I used 4 layers for the following pictures.

As I don't have the patience to apply four layers evry time in future I decided to try layering this for comparisons. L-R these are China Glaze Electric Beat, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a-england Excalibur, a-england Camelot.

Electric Beat and Excalibur are good potential base, not so keen on white or black under this.

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