Friday, 7 December 2012

Boots Advantage Point mini haul!

I recently ordered some Christmas presents online and found that I already had £4.91 on my advantage card (how did I not know this?) After the special offer on points and the Christmas presents I had enought to get these Rimmel polishes on their 3 for 2 offer and pay with points :D

I picked up 3 duochromes all with a green hint, two holo glittery polishes and a matte top coat (which is the one I use as my base on my polishes) Hoping to swatch these over the weekend.

Some closer botttle shots, first is disco ball

Next is diamond dust

Royal Blue is a dark purple/green duochrome in the bottle, this reminds me of Essence Where is the Party - it doesn't look blue in anyway (not yet swatched any of these.)

Pearly Queen is a lilac/green duochrome which reminds me of OPI's Significant Other Colour which was one of the first duochromes I ever owned (and no longer have.) 

God Save the Queen is a gold/green duochrome, I don't have any comparisons to make with this one!

And as a bonus extra pic here's my old Advantage card from 1997 at the top, along with the one I just got as a replacement (as the chip stopped working) For anyone overseas and unfamiliar with advantage points it is a reward scheme in place for shopping in store or on line with Boots, they give you for points a pound and each point has a value of 1p.  You can redeem these on most items, but have to have the full amount available to redeem, you can't pay part points, part cash.  Sometimes they do promos and give extra points if you spend over a certain amount.  The stuff I got today was almost £17 (but I paid in points)

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