Saturday, 1 December 2012

China Glaze Nail Mail and dupes!

Today's nail mail is something I have been waiting for since they first started sneaking onto blogs, my picks from China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil collection which I ordered from evil bay America.

I don't want this to be another "boring" set of swatches so I've tried to limit the number of pictures!

 L-R Hanging in the Balance, Creative Fantasy, Def Defying

L-R Get Carried Away, Whirled Away, It's a Trap-eze

When they arrived I had naked nails, so I leapt on them and used it's a trap-eze, the milky white glittery one.

Later I cleaned off my index and middle fingers and tried one layer over OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls, less intense glitter, but still fab.

Next I tried Get Carried Away over a single layer of Bridal Veil, two pics here as I love the way the hex catches the light on the first one.

Now onto the dupes, the moment I unpacked the new CdS polishes and saw the new colours, two old colours sprung to mind, W7 Neon Green as a dupe of Def Defying and Aqua Baby as a dupe of Hanging in the Balance.

Now the dupe pictures is where everything started going wrong....
I noticed black on my fingers only when I started to edit the pictures, the green stained my cuticles on removal and the camera didn't get the picture quite right.  These two greens look identical in real life!  On camera the W7 on my middle and little fingers look slightly whiter based, in the bottle they look different but on the nails they are identical.

Now onto the two blue shade, at this point I had mouldy looking green cuticles, then on removal of these I got smurf fingers (joy!!!!)

These two are very slightly different, but with flash it's less obvious.  Index and Ring are Hanging in the Balance, middle and little fingers are Aqua Baby which is slightly more dusty blue.

Finally is what I am wearing right now, Creative Fantasy.  This is the one everyone has said needs about four coats to be opaque.  I managed this in two coats, perhaps it is because I use a matte base to start with that I got a better coverage?  As I'm sure any one into their polishes will have already seen this is a rubbery matte finish.  I prefer a gloss so here it is without top coat then with top coat.


  1. Pretty! :0) I have 3 of the Worlds Away collection now too. It's a Trap-eze, Get Carried Away, and Creative Fantasy. I haven't swatched them yet tho. The whole collection is very colorful.

    1. I love the whole collection, I skipped the pink and red creams as they reminded me of Barry M Gellys, I am still debating on the glass flecked ones. Maybe Santa will bring me them?!

  2. They look good. I keep seeing them and thinking I'd like them, but I'm kinda on a buying ban of sorts just now.

    I basically wrote a list of musts and been trying to keep to that, but then I see ones I want and just crumble. The hubby always tells me off when I crumble!! My list is down to two, one set which hasn't be released yet and another I've ordered and waiting til it arrives to score it off my list.

    But then again these look so tempting....... ahhh!

    1. I went onto a less buy, since October I can pretty much tell you every polish I have bought without having to think. In October I got the new a-enland Beauty Never Fails and the three polishes from TK Maxx which were W7 mystery ones (I remember you commenting and giving your ideas on those, thanks for suggestions!) so I spent £19. Then November I bought two copies of Glamour (=£4) for two Nails Inc, my polish lemming Facets in Fuchsia from Anna's blog sale (=£3) and these from evil bay (including postage £30ish) but the CG were fueled by hubby's words "what if they don't release them in this country and you miss them" as I wasn't going to buy them until January. So it's his fault I spent more than £7 in Nov! December will be a no-buy unless I get any money for my birthday or Christmas.

    2. Or he uses the phrase what if they sell out and you can't ever get them! Not that he says that often!

    3. Do you think your hubby could give my hubby lessons on how to say that once in a great while? lol My hubby thinks my over 100 polish collection is over 100 too many. *sigh*

    4. Lol my hubby says that sometimes too but when we fight he throws my polishes in my face.
      It's a small thing I have for myself and is a guilty pleasure. It's not just pretty colors sitting in a bottle. It's something I enjoy doing in my alone time. As any mom knows we need to enjoy the small things!
      Granted my collection is a little over 200, but he knows most of them are $1-$2 and very very few are $5-$8 and everything else is between those prices of polishes I got on clearance.
      I'm not like most nail addicts that have Chanel and Deborah lippman so I remind him to be happy I know, and stay in my budget :)

    5. You forgot whirled away! Thanks for the comparisons. Even though I don't own the dupe of a polish, or the polish being duped, I still enjoy seeing " dupes"

    6. I don't like being duped, I'd sooner spend my money on something different, I showed these dupes straight away as the new polishes are about £6, the dupe W7 is £1.95 and the older CG is on amazon for £3.95 (well that's where I got mine and how much I paid) so if anyone liked them but didn't want to spend the full amount they knew there were dupes about! I haven't got any whirled away dupes I'm afraid!


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