Saturday, 29 December 2012

China Glaze Running in Circles & Water You Waiting For?

These are the last two of the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection which I really wanted.  I skipped the pink and red shades and have bought the rest.  I posted about the six I have already purchased here and then at Christmas when I got a gift voucher for Amazon these two were in amongst the polishes I got.

First up is Running in Circles, glittery stunning green.  This has now become my most favourite green, replacing Nubar Reclaim.  

Next is Water You Waiting For?  This reminded me a little of CG Skyscraper, although the shade of blue is totally different.

I have totally loved this entire collection by China Glaze.  The only reason I haven't purchased the red and pink shades is because I think I have some very similar Barry M polishes in my already too big stash.  The formulations of all the polishes have been great even Creative Fantasy went on in two coats for me.  I have found that a couple of my polishes have brushes which look to be a little wild compared to the usual China Glaze ones but these haven't affected application.


  1. I ordered Running in Circles the other day, I have a feeling it will become one of my favourites!!!

    1. To be honest I almost mentioned you in this post as this is very you!

  2. Great pictures & manis! I saw both of those polishes at my Sally Beauty Supply yesterday, but they were full price, so I didn't get them, even though Running in Circles was on my "want" list. Now I regret it after seeing your post and how beautiful they look on you. They were the last bottles in the store, too. Time to check online!


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