Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Tree Accent Nails.

Having posted the dark green polishes over the last couple of days inspired me to use Barry M's British Racing Green as a Christmas tree.

My backdrop for my Christmas trees was a snowy base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls topped with a-england Morgan Le Fay.

 Indoor lighting without flash  really shows the glisten this pairing has.

I then dabbed the tips with OPI DS Shimmer, a silver holo.  This was topped off with Rimmel Disco Ball which has holo and blue glitters in a clear base.

I then added trees on my ring fingers.  On my left hand I used a striping brush to created a triangle which I filled in with a smaller brush.  The green is Barry M British Racing Green.  I used a striping brush to add Rainbow Street Glitter by Nails Inc as tinsel, and dotted Barry M Red Glitter and a-england Holy Grail (original) as baubles.  I didn't have any gems so I used the DS Shimmer for the topper.

On my right hand I just dotted to get a triangular shape using the same polishes as above plus a-england Order of the Garter.

One last one of the left hand, loving the "tinsel"


  1. So much sparkle <3 And thanks to this Morgan Le Fay is on my wishlist now :D

  2. So much sparkle <3 And thanks to this Morgan Le Fay is now on my wishlist!

  3. That close up of the Christmas tree is amazing! so sparkly and cute :D

  4. I agree with Charlotte--I love the close up of the Christmas tree! Great work!


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