Monday, 17 December 2012

I got nail mail today :)

For the first time in ages I got nail mail!

It was all part of a horrible saga.  I "won" Revlon Emerald City on eBay back at the start of December for the bargainous price of 59p.  But when it didn't come I ended up complaining to the seller by email and got it refunded for her to claim against the post office (on saturday) so guess my surprise when I get home and find it waiting for me today....  I've ordered all the Christmas stuff on line and everything had come.  This one little 59p bargain for me sent at same time didn't.   Anyhow I've paid the seller (again) and sent her an apologetic email.

Anyhow, here it is in it's matte natural state:

And with ring finger topcoated with W7 topcoat.  I like it shiny, the pictures do it no justice, all the sparkly little glitters are hidden.



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