Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Lisa of Geordie Nails. The award seems to be a sweet way of sharing and spreading the love of smaller blogs, which makes me smile and can only be a good thing! Copied from Lisa, the way it works is that you:

- post 11 random facts about yourself
- answer 11 questions the person who nominated you has asked 
- ask 11 questions, and 
- link 11 blogs with less than 200 followers (not including the blogger who nominated you).

So here goes!

11 Random Facts about myself

  1. I have four step kids and surprised my hubby at how well I adapted to being part of a big family as I am an only child and don't particularly want kids myself.
  2. My polish addiction restarted itself at the time that I cleared half my stash out on eBay, I sold 35 bottles and have since regretted it and wanted them back! (But the £135 they netted me was really useful)
  3. I have issues with OCD (this is something I mentioned on a post a couple of weeks ago) I can't help myself sometimes with it - I think it's a control thing.
  4. I work in a call centre.  When I was growing up if anyone had told me this would be the job I have been in for seven years I would have laughed.  In their face.  But it pays the bills.
  5. I fell into blogging by accident, I started reading blogs back at that time that number 2 happened, and somehow here I am.
  6. I'm a bugger for gadgets.  When we get anything new I already have read the manual on the internet and can figure out exactly what to do.  Hubby jokes he's lost me for the day if we get a new piece of technology.
  7. I am probably the world's fussiest eater, I have issues with OCD yet all this flies out the window if someone offers me KFC!
  8. I have something of an addictive nature, I throw myself 150% into whatever is taking my passion at the time, for a while I was into "comping" but never won anything and my interest paled away.
  9. I got married in black - my wedding was a goth style affair, I even had them play "highway to hell" as I walked in! My tongue was firmly in cheek, it was our anniversary a couple of days ago and in that first year we haven't argued once!
  10. I should be a detective, I have a sharp eye for detail (ask my stepson!)
  11. Apparently I'm impatient!  I don't believe it myself!

11 Questions asked by my Nominator, Lisa.

  1. What do you have on your nails right now? I'm wearing the penguin mani I posted earlier today.
  2. If you could choose a zoo animal as a pet, which would it be? I'm not into pets, I don't think there is an animal I would want as a pet.
  3. What did you want to be growing up? Right up until work experience I wanted to be a journalist.  Then I was put off by going to boring court cases and seeing life at a local paper!
  4. What was the coolest thing you ever learnt/did in school? I guess to use a computer, I did my GCSEs in 1995, back in the days before computers were mainstream!
  5. If you could learn any language, what would it be? Something useful, I learnt German in school which has proved quite handy for reading blogs!  I don't see the point in learning "dead" languages.
  6. Are you interested in makeup/fashion in general? I used to be, however since leaving my parents home I haven't really had the money to spend like I used to so my interest has faded somewhat.  Clothes shopping bores me!
  7. What is the best thing about your hometown? The town I grew up in is a small, market town with an hourly bus service so you didn't have things like McDonalds or KFC nearby so a healthy diet was much easier.  The place I now live has them all plus a 24hr Tesco and Asda so no matter what you want you can pretty much get it!  Plus is was the type of place that very little happened and you felt safe.
  8. What is the worst thing about your hometown? If we're talking about where I grew up it is the fact that the buses were hourly and it was so small, it had a butchers, a small supermarket and a newsagent.  Anything else needed a trip "out."  My new home town is a larger place and the level of crime is horrifying.  Just this weekend there was a bloke arrested for carrying a mock firearm down the street.
  9. What do you think the new Royal baby should be named (sorry if you hate the Royals!!)? Oscar.  See how I randomly assumed it will be male!
  10. If you could only eat one thing for a week, what would it be? A carvery, you can't beat a good carvery!
  11. If you could design a signature nail polish representing you, what would it look like? Holographic and duochromatic with perhaps a heat sensitivity thing in it to change colour for the look of a gradient too! (this was easiest of the questions to answer!)
11 Question for my Nominees
  1. What is your favourite colour - does this come over in your polish collection?
  2. What is your favourite film?
  3. What was the last book you read?
  4. When did you last go to the cinema and what did you see?
  5. What type of food is your favourite?
  6. What type of property do you live in?
  7. How strong is your willpower?
  8. Which topcoat is your topcoat of choice?
  9. Are you hooked on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / other social networking sites?
  10. What is your least favourite household chore?
  11. What will be your new year's resolution for the new year?
And, my nominees!

  1. Anna from Anna's Polish Addiction
  2. Jazz from Glitter Infatuation
  3. Angela from Older Ladies Like Colour Too
  4. Julia from Owl Loves Nails
  5. Wendy from Wendy's Delights (I know you're over the number of followers!)
  6. The Lacquer Loving Lawyer
  7. Kerry from Just Talk Nails
  8. Sue from ChopSuey Nails
  9. Call of Beauty Slack Ops
  10. Carlyn from A Beauty and Polishta
  11. Alyssia Rose from Rose Tint My Nails


  1. Woo hoo! Just discovered this, thanks so much for the nomination Emma :) xox

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I am very long overdue for a Liebster Award response post. Shameful, I know!


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