Friday, 21 December 2012

My 2012 Favourites.

2012 was the year my polish collection doubled (and a bit more) in size.  I'm summing up my 2012 favourites on my experiences so some of these may not be new to 2012.  It was also the year I began my blogging journey, my photographic record of my collection and techniques.  I love to browse through my Picasa album and check out a) how much I have improved and b) the different things I have tried.

Most purchased brand of polish.

This is joint between a-england and W7.  I invested in nearly all the two older a-england collections in one big order.  I love the range and any polish that goes on in one coat will always get the thumbs up from me.  Adina also gets best customer service.  W7 are a favourite as they are so low in price, big in impact and very much on trend.

Most exciting collection of 2012.

At first I thought it was the OPI Spiderman collection, until I saw the swatches and I was really disappointed.  Then it was the China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chromes - I was up for buying them all, then I saw the swatches and was really disappointed.  The one that really captured me was the Cirque du Soleil collection by China Glaze, from the initial promo pictures through to swatches it didn't disappoint me.  There were six I purchased and nine I wanted from the 12 polishes in the range, that's a huge number for me.  It turned out I already had two dupes but didn't even realise until I saw the bottles of polish!

Most versatile polish.

For this I am torn between a-england's Camelot and China Glaze's Electric Beat.  I have used them both a lot.  Black one coater vs powder blue one coater.  It's a dead even tie.  Love them both!  I have used both for water marbling, stamping, gradients, alone, as a base coat for glitter.

Most used retailer / website.

This has to be  I have used them a lot this year, they are second to none for delivery speed.  I have noticed it takes them a while to email, but hey they are too busy packing orders!

Biggest surprise of 2012.

My love for glitter has surprised me.  I used to hate glitters, even now I don't really like the ones in milky bases (despite having the CG polish which apes an indie very well) I don't like certain big chunky glitter shapes but over all I like a scattering of glitter.  Facets in Fuchsia became a big lemming of mine!  My enjoyment from blogging has also surprised me.

Biggest hopes for 2013.

Lots of lovely holo polishes coming out!  I'm a sucker for holographic nails.  I also am hoping that the OPI Eurocentric collection will kill my Shrek lemmings - I'm sure some of them are rehashed versions and very close in colour from swatches I've already seen.

Favourite blog to read of 2012.

Jen the PolishAholic has cost me a lot of money and set me off with a lot of wishes!

Special thanks to:

The Lacquer Loving Lawyer for early encouragement as I started out my blogging journey and whose own blogging journey I have followed this year with much interest.


  1. I love posts like this!

    The PolishAholic is my fave blog :D her swatches are just immaculate!

    Glad you are loving Facets!!

    I don't own any W7 or A England...yet :P

    1. W7 have to be purchased from nailpolishdirect, so cheap, free delivery, usually next day. I sometimes expect too much, with their OPI bottle shape I expect same quality but you do get some rogue brushes!! a-england are my main indies, but you forget they are indies as they are so good and so professional!

  2. Awwwwwwww!!!!! Thank you!! I was so surprised, reading through your post, to see me mentioned! That's so sweet! And, on my birthday, too!!!! Too bad I was so far behind on blog reading that I did not see this on my actual birthday, but thank you so much! No wonder you asked me whether I had read your 2012 round up post yet! How in the world were you able to keep this a secret so long? I would have been bursting with impatience! And, you may have started after me, but you have really taken off and have so many more blog posts! I really love reading your blog. I like your style, both in the artistic choices you make for your manis and in your writing that is easy to read with lots of funny bits and great and very useful info. and lovely photos! Congrats on a great first year for your blog!

    1. To be honest I was bursting with impatience and wanted to tell you, but thought I would leave it for you to see! Your comments and following my blog right from day one have helped build my confidence to actually blog, so this is why you deserve a special mention! The first time I posted a mani was a stamping one on a Facebook group back in January, all I got there was comments about painting techniques and no hey keep it up type things, so I left the group! I look forwards to reading your posts, whenever I go into my google feeds I check to see if there is a new post from you so I can read it first!


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