Saturday, 8 December 2012

My first attempt at Sat-art-day (horrible mess alert!)

I have joined a group on Facebook some time ago but never participated in a Sat-art-day as the challenges seemed a bit beyond my skills, however I thought I would have a go at this one as it's colour blocking. 

I failed miserably on all bar one nail!  My polishes were Def Defying and Hanging in the Balance from China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil and Barry M's Gelly in Pomegranate.  My intentions were to free hand the general shape and then use striping tape to give definite lines, but I didn't take into consideration that I am right handed and I was painting this on my right hand, applying the striping tape made me mess up the finished article: it wrinkled and I dented it.


Still I like it in theory, something to try again but to be a bit more patient with!  Too many thick layers of polish here....

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  1. Oh you shouldn't care, the colours are lovely and for the lines, just say you personalized it! :D
    I never use tape, I make such a mess with it, never wait long enough for the polish to dry. :D


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