Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Polish Nemesis - Fantasy Fire by Max Factor

Fantasy Fire has become my nemesis.

I found this polish far too easily, on a snowy February day walking through my small town centre I popped into (a now closed down) Superdrug, there is was not one but two bottles part of a three for two offer.  I grabbed them, babbling away to hubby how this polish was so hard to find and there they were right in front of me.

I got home and decided I didn't like the colour in the bottle and listed one on eBay, I did keep the other one.  eBay generated me £23 with this one teeny bottle of polish!  Then I tried the polish over OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and fell in love with it.

Since then I have seriously fallen out of love with it, the horrible brush drags and makes a mess of anything under it, the polish doesn't dry quickly so I've accidentally dented it after application.  

Here is is over Nails Inc Southwark, I couldn't capture the green shade in this.  I also had something odd happen with the Seche creating bubbles and wrinkles over this polish.

Here's a couple of pictures.

Shame this is such a lovely polish as I really don't like it :(

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