Monday, 31 December 2012

Nails Inc Bling It On Black Leather and Skulls.

First up to wish anyone reading this a happy and safe New Years Eve and best wishes for 2013!

My New Years Eve Nails are made up using a recent purchase from Nails Inc.  This was the first time I have purchased from them online so I took advantage of a 20% off code from their pop up box when you register your email address.  This took the price of postage off so ultimately I only paid retail price for the set.  

The set apparently sold out very quickly due to Alexa Chung wearing it on a recent red carpet.  I say apparently as I haven't got a clue, I first heard about this set in the Daily Mail, then saw a blog post featuring it later the same day and got online looking for it.

Firstly to describe the pack (I threw out the box without thinking so cannot show pictures) it comes with the black leather finish polish, 4 skull decorations which feature little diamontes, nail glue and an orange stick.

The polish goes on shiny and black, it's a one coater.  I used it over my normal nail envy / matte polish combi base.  It begins drying very quickly!  The leather dimples start to appear almost immediately, but the polish takes about 15 minutes to dry and develop the full leathery effect.

The glue is very.... sticky.  And runny.  It almost ended up with me being stuck to the kitchen roll I'd covered the breakfast bar in and the orange stick stuck on my lip (don't ask.....)

Anyhow on to the pictures, this has an accent nail of OPI DS Original too as I felt it leathery darkness needed something a bit softer in contrast.

I really like this polish!  The texture isn't too much for me, I'm terrible for picking if something is raised up.  The skulls are flat and my nails aren't so the cross bones are raised which could annoy me after a while.  I think if you were careful you could remove the skulls and reuse them.

I had thought before receiving this that I may be able to create a look using black polish and sponging matte polish over the top, but looking at the finish I don't think I could do anything which would do it justice!


  1. This looks great!! Love your accent finger too :)

    1. I was going to show you on Monday but i think you were on leave? This is my Baby Dragon, my real love! I think I'll be wearing this a lot!


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