Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I'm not the most creative of people so when I saw a fab tutorial for penguins at Set in Lacquer it looked pretty straight forward so I tried it out.

First up is a gradient I already was wearing using Hanging in the Balance and Def Defying.

This is blurry but I'm only showing it to justify fingers that look like I've been doing rude things to Shrek...  It stained like a bitch (despite base and then a coat of white underneath.)  It did nothing for me, so this will be the only photo of it hitting my blog.  Maybe in summer with stamping I'd like it?

My base for the snowmen was a little different to the tutorial, I used a sky blue, topped this with INM Northern Lights Silver Holo for twinkly snow effect.

Once dried I added a french line of OPI DS Shimmer then sponged it to get a softer finish.

DS Shimmer is the old lady of the DS range, number 001 the first one released!  It seems to have been forgotten, Coronation is more commonly seen on blogs.

Then I painted on my penguins.  I only did the left hand as I'm crap using my left hand for intricate stuff (odd that I tend to swatch on my right hand and can paint happily with my left, but not do fiddly stuff!) I kept my right hand in the gorgeous gradient (gonna have to bring the old lady Shimmer out more often!)

The polishes I used were China Glaze Electric Beat for blue background, INM Silver Holo for snowfall, OPI DS Shimmer for snow, OPI My Boyfriend Scale Walls for white belly/eyes/hat, a-england Camelot for body/eyes, a-england Perceval for red hat, Barry M Gelly Satsuma for the feet/beak.


  1. Those penguins are cool!!! xox

  2. Aww that penguin is so cute fab mani!

  3. I saw the tutorial post. You did a fabulous job! I love the blue base mani with the glitter tips, too, as a stand-alone mani.


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