Friday, 7 December 2012

Rimmel Metal Rush Duochromes

I posted the Boots haul earlier showing these, managed to swatch them tonight.  All polishes are quite "brush-strokey."

Firstly the "underwear" for the swatches:  I used a base of a-england Camelot on my index finger, Excalibur on my middle finger and just base coat on my little finger for all of these.  My ring finger I varied according to the Rimmel I was wearing.  

First one is Pearly Queen, soft lilac to green it certainly is very much like OPI's Significant Other Colour on the nail.  On my ring finger I used a-england Guinevere.

I really like this over Guinevere, over black the green is very dominant.  I don't like this one alone.

Next is Gold Saved the Queen, on my ring finger here I used China Glaze Agro.

No major differences here between them, I think I would probably pair this with black though if I wear it again (not sure I will though as the gold is quite strong and not my favourite of colours.)

Finally is Royal Blue, I used a-england Elaine under this.  I also used Essence Where is the Party on my thumb for a comparison.

When applied over black or plum this one certainly is very similar to Where is the Party.  I really like this over black.

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