Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sally Hansen HD Byte

Recently there have been posts in the blogs I read about the new Ozotic Sugar polishes and found myself thinking of this polish.  I don't have any of the newer Ozotics to be able to compare the two.

This is Byte over black (one coat of a-england Camelot.)  I think it is amazing that a polish which looks so pink in the bottle can look so different when there is black under it!  Colours coming through on the nail are pink, blue and purple.

I tried this last photo under water to see if I could capture the duochrome nature of this colour.


But I did get cold fingers as like an idiot I never considered using warm water!!

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  1. Great pics and mani! I love how you show polishes over black and other colors. I don't often think to try colors over black.


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