Monday, 3 December 2012

W7 Multi Glitter Dazzle

W7 Multi Dazzle Glitter, a polish I picked up in an order from NailPolishDirect at the back end of August, and have only worn twice, once with green and then this time.....

I paired it with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I forgot the PVA base, so I regretted this combi when it came to scrubbing off, although the glitter was scattered so I just about coped!! (lol!)

This drew quite a few compliments.

I may have to re-buy My Boyfriend Scales Walls, it's probably the best base for everything, ever!


  1. Lovely, W7 really do come up with some lovely polishes, and at a bargain price too!

  2. Looks good. I saw this in a shop the other day and didn't buy it! Got a couple of similar ones to it and my hubby was quite proud of me lol!

  3. I likey, very much! I think it's about time for me to invest in a bottle of that OPI myself now too as you combo it very well and give me inspiration! :0)


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