Thursday, 10 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 10 Geometric

Geometric had me puzzled, so I put "geometric pattern" into a google image search and some of the first results returned matched a red angel stamping plate image I knew I had.

The following images cost me a cut to my finger.  I've heard people say to be careful handling a stamping plate because the edges are sharp and thought "well I've never had any problem..." until now!  It poured with blood!

I used a base of a-england Excalibur on all fingers apart from my ring finger.  On my ring finger I used a-england Camelot.  I stamped over the silver in black and reversed this on my ring finger.  The plate I used was RA111 and despite having both of these in Konad polishes, I stamped with the a-englands.

 This pattern makes me think of Transformers.  Hubby said so too!


  1. Love everything about this mani, the colors, the stamping, and the photos are very nice. I really like that you included a picture of the stamping plate because I like to see the other images, too.

    Why use the A England instead of the Konad stamping polish?

    1. Thanks, I didn't actually like it all that much, I ended up removing it after a couple of hours! I stamped using the a-englands as I knew the black was good for it, I wanted to check how good the silver was, konads tend to stamp matte and can streak with topcoat, the a-england doesn't streak. And of course the main reason: they were next to me and I was too bloody lazy to walk upstairs to fetch the konads!

    2. Too funny about walking up the stairs!


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