Sunday, 20 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 20 Texture.

This was inspired by YouTube.

I found a link in which salt was being used to create a texture on the nail and figured this is an interesting texture.  Wonder if this is how the new OPI Sand finishes were born?

I used a base of Barry M Gelly in the dark blue polish, mine is labelled Blue Plum, although I believe this may be incorrect due to some issues over early released bottles having wrong labels.

I did this nail by nail, one layer of blue the dipped into my little pot of salt then on to the next nail.

On YouTube the lady suggested allowing this to dry then topping with top coat, but I literally just painted my nails took the pictures and removed it as I doubt very much my ability not to pick this off with a day's wear.

Removal was... grainy and messy!

Anyway onto the pics!


  1. A good way to put you off biting your nails lol. It's an interesting finish, and that Barry M is gorgeous :)

  2. Interesting idea but wouldnt one hand wash melt the salt. Mmm salty hands :P

  3. Neat look, but I agree. I couldn't wear it all day!


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