Sunday, 27 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 27 A mani inspired by you

Inspired by me?  Well I do love black, glitter, dotting tools, accent nails, holo polishes.... Lets throw it all together and see what happens....

I started with my favourite one coat black, a-england Camelot.  For my ring finger I had an accent nail of silver holo glitter in the shape of OPI Servin Up Sparkle.  On my thumb I put some silver dots using a-england Excalibur.

That's very me.


  1. I really love this :) Looks really sophisticated. It's that perfect balance between being different enough from just plain painted nails, and being something you could actually wear to work lol.

  2. Very pretty! I think it looks classy with a touch of bling. Great job, Emma!


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