Tuesday, 29 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 29 Inspired by a Blogger

For day 29 I am showing a previously unposted mani which I entered into a competition on chitchatnails.  Marta was holding a skittlette competition and as she always does such awesome nails I took my time to try and find the right colours.  Marta seems to post a lot of cream finishes, so I used just two creams for this, China Glaze Foie Gras and Hanging in the Balance.  The contrast between these colours is great.

To make my entry have my "stamp" on it, I used my beloved dotting tools.

This was the picture I sent in.

I had to go and stand in the corner of our garden to get this - I was having problems with the Seche making it too shiny and the light was bouncing off my nails!

Here's a couple more photos.

This is very similar to one of my earlier 31 Day Challenge posts, where I used Foie Gras and lilacs.  I actually prefer this combi now I compare the two!

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  1. Looks Lovely! Love your zipped up design on your ring finger! X


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