Thursday, 3 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 3 Gold

Gold is not my most favourite of colours!  All my jewellery is white gold due to my dislike of yellow gold.

I do have OPI Golden Rules which is borne of the same collection My Private Jet.  I have to admit I have listed this polish on eBay three times when it was still unused and had no interest at all in it, so I have kept it and found it to be a very good stamping polish.

This went on in one coat.  To brighten this up I free handed these corners using Enchanted Polish Austin Powers.  Austin Powers is potentially the only polish which could make me like gold!

I then tried to add some gold striping tape, but managed to smudge the whole thing and made a mess.  So no pictures!


  1. The Enchanted polish is soooo pretty, lovely mani x

  2. I used to hate yellow gold too, but have found myself loving it again recently! That enchanted polish is gorgeous x

  3. The plain gold polish is OK on you, but after you added the Austin Powers, the mani is gorgeous!

  4. Funny, I only wear white gold too but don't mind gold polish as much as I do silver! This one looks good on you.

  5. Great minds think alike! I did something similar. :-) I don't like gold either and have a white gold wedding ring, so I understand you there.

  6. I don't like gold either, that is why I did this day on my Roommates nails :)


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