Tuesday, 29 January 2013

China Glaze Avant Garden Nail Mail

I got some nail mail today... stalking one of my favourite e-tailers revealed that China Glaze's new collection were available for purchase (I thought these weren't out til March?) so I grabbed two which had really been appealing to me from the press releases: Budding Romance and Fancy Pants.

First up is Budding Romance, described as moss green.  I don't think this is very mossy, but I do think it's a very different green to anything I own.  It is one of those "poop" greens, but I really do like it!  It reminded me somewhat of a darker, dirtier version of Def Defying from the Worlds Away.  It also is the exact colour of a coat my old line manager used to wear!  This is two coats over my matte base, no top coat.  Application was a little streaky on first coat, but opaque after two.

Next is Fancy Pants, this one made me ooooh when I unwrapped it!  It is a blurple but also has a pink iridescent shade running through it - in a similar way to how Immortal by CG also had a slight iridescence.  I've not been able to capture this, but I'm sure some of the super bloggers will get these soon and their cameras will be better than mine at macro for it!  This is two coats over my matte base, no top coat.  It was more or less perfect in one coat.  I didn't notice the green from Budding Romance on my skin until I edited the pics.

This was my just done picture- where I was at the breakfast bar I thought I'd got the pink hues!

I love both of these.  I skipped the pinks as pink isn't my thing, but then I may just go back and order some more from this collection once I see the swatches!

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  1. The green's the one I've been eyeing up, but I never really wear my green polishes so I don't think I'm going to be able to justify it to myself. Sad times.


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