Friday, 25 January 2013

Layla Nail Mail

I recently got two Layla Holos: Mermaid Spell and Purple Illusion.  These were part of a special offer by Sally Magpies Emporium.  I have had these since Tuesday and had the pictures waiting since then, guess I'm slipping a bit! I also have seven Kiko polishes waiting to be swatched!  There is a reason for this, I have been busy organising my collection of polishes (post on this to come!) and I also have the 31 day challenge ongoing right now.

Apologies for the little finger damage showing at edge of pictures, the cat who adopted me recently has managed to scratch me whilst playing, then I got acetone in it and it stung and looked a bit of a mess for a day or two.  It's healed now.

First up is Mermaid Spell, this is a pale silvery blue.  If I was to make a comparison I would think of OPI DS Sapphire which was also a pale blue with a silvery holo.

I no longer have DS Sapphire to do a comparison, but I think the blue may be stronger in this.  It certainly is an eye catching, amazing holo.

Next up is Purple Illusion, this one certainly is an illusion as it is more pink than purple.  I asked a colleague her opinion of the colour and she said it's very much like a magenta shimmer lipstick which was the in thing from Miss Selfridge in the 80s.

This colour reminded me very much of a Sally Hansen nail prism holo polishes I have seen - again I don't have this to make any side by side comparisons.

I actually wore Purple Illusion for two days after taking these pictures, despite it being a bit "normal" for me, I really liked it.

As an aside, I was delighted to find NailPolishDirect have some of the new China Glaze Avant Garden polishes listed on their site!  I was so excited I had two fall in my basket!

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