Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nail Mail and swatches (pic heavy!)

Today I got nail mail - one of our Best of British ladies has set up a shop Sally's Magpies selling amazing polishes and at Christmas I was given some money and ordered some polishes from her.  Sally has flat UK shipping of £2.70 for 1-3 polishes and free if you order 4 or more.  Being cheap (sorry Sally!) I ordered the Hits polish which was £3.50 to get free shipping as I was almost paying for it anyway!  The polishes shown are L-R Jade Energy, Jade Hynose, Layla Cloudy Violet and Hits Gato-Mia.

First up is Cloudy Violet.  I was given Ultra Violet for Christmas and a little worried that Cloudy Violet may be a close match.  You can see Ultra Violet here.  I needn't have worried as they are two very different colours, Cloudy Violet is darker.  There is certainly more difference between the two Layla polishes than there was between OPI DS Original and Amethyst.  Cloudy Violet was a nightmare to apply, it dragged and had bald patches, I didn't notice there was still a patch like this on my index finger until editing the pictures.

These pictures are all two coats over Rimmel Matte topcoat (used as a base) and no topcoat.

Next is Jade Hypnose which I purchased thinking it may be a replacement for OPI DS Glamour.  It is totally the wrong blue perhaps leaning almost towards teal, but in it's own right forgetting any DS comparisons this is a gorgeoue sparkling holo.   I suspect this will be a much worn one.

Jade Energy was a colour I picked up thinking it was a turquoise holo but on these pictures and on me it leans more to being a light green.  This fits perfectly into my stash as it is a different type of colour to my other green holos.

Lastly is my free postage polish - the one I'm thinking technically cost me 80p!  This is a gorgeous blue jelly finish which didn't look to have any VNL until I saw these pictures.  I don't think these do it any justice at all.  In these pictures it looks very much to be a dupe of a-england Order of the Garter, in reality this is so much brighter.  Will have to try this again in some side by side pictures with Order of the Garter.

These polishes were paid for by me and this post is not in any way sponsored by the website I mentioned earlier.  I would recommend Sally's Magpies based on the service I received, I ordered these during a quiet 5 mins on Christmas Day and received these on January 2nd, which given Christmas postal service is bloody good going!


  1. I just bought Cloudy Violet from Sally's Magpies yesterday too and a few others! It looks amazing, can't wait to try it out myself. Jade Energy looks particularly fab too

  2. They are all so pretty on you! Great photos & manis!

  3. They're all very pretty on you! Great photos & manis!


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