Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nail Mail (picture heavy!)

I have been lagging in posting these.  I have recently ordered twice from Sally Magpie Emporium and also picked a bottle up in Boots.

L-R Ozotic 503, Layla Soft Touch Stone and Marshmallow Twinkle, Layla Ceramic Effect Butterfly Effect, piCture pOlish Orbit and Boots 17 Peacock.

I have swatched all of these, but I am not happy with the Ozotic so am not posting this just now.  All are two coats without top coat apart rfom Butterfly Effect.

First up Layla Soft Touch in Stone. I bought two of the Soft Touch range after reading a review on weartime at Sally Magpie blog.  The lilac blue of the "Stone" colour had me straight away.  I have found this a bit flat on the nail, I think this is due to the matte finish.

Next is Marshmallow Twinkle.  This one has me enraptured, I love it.  This one is slightly matte but has a fabulous twinkle.  I am away for a week in March, this is going to be my polish of choice for that week.  I have no silver quite like this.  I didn't notice how sloppy my application was until I looked at the photos.

The Butterfly Effect is a magic polish.  Imagine a polish combining Max Factor Fantasy Fire and a gorgeous myla Flakie polish like Zoya Opal and you have this.  In fact I think I may try a jelly sandwich using those polishes for comparison some day...

In the bottle piCture pOlish Orbit reminded me very much of Skyscraper by China Glaze, however application of this polish shows it to be very different.  The jelly base of PP is much richer than CG, this was perfect in one coat but I applied two for full coverage.

The final polish is one I picked up in Boots.  It's very much like the mystery TK Maxx W7 polish I picked up in October.  This one is a lovely teal but very hard to get an accurate colour in indoor lighting on these wintery nights.  The first picture is with flash, but as the flash wipes out the green tones I have taken the rest without and this makes me have lobstery hands. 

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  1. Those Layla polishes look super gorgeous. I have that 17 Peacock one too, it's a nice polish :)


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