Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Small Haul / Swatches

I left work early yesterday and took some leave (sinusitis playing up, booooooo!) I needed to go to Boots to get some medication which is always fatal given all those well illuminated shiny stands in there.  And to get to Boots I had to pass several pound shops - well I didn't have to, but there was a viable route passing three so given the blog posts about Sally Hansens in there.....  

I was going to post these yesterday along with my China Glaze Avant Garden nail mail but the post would have ended up very picture heavy.

I got my first Models Own in Freak Out and Snowflakes.

No Sally Hansens in the pound shops, but there were these two Revlons, No Shrinking Violets and Lilac Pastelle.

First up is Lilac Pastelle, more soft pink than lilac, but this is a shade I just did not have in stash (until now!) During the recent a-england sale I had considered buying Iseult to have a pink shade but couldn't justify £6 on something I would probably wear infrequently.  £1 I can justify!   This is two coats, my thumb had three as I applied it badly and made it streak.  No top coat.

At present I have a lot of purples but I haven't got a good "Cadbury" purple.  For me the perfect Cadbury Purple needs to be blue toned with a silver shimmer.  I used to have one abut ten years ago, but more recently I have been missing one.  This went on in ONE COAT!  Here it is without any topcoat.

Here are my two Models Own polishes layered over Lilac Pastelle.

As these are my first MO polishes I don't know if my experience of the glitter is normal or if I have two bad bottles.  Both bottles have thick suspension polish, like Seche when it is ready for Restore, you pull the brush out of the bottle and have the long stringy almost nylon-like wisp of polish.  I found them horrible because of this.  I may have to add a few drops of Restore but it worries me that the colour in the glitter may be affected?

Here is a combination of China Glaze Fancy Pants with accent thumb and ring fingers of Freak Out.  This is over the swatches from yesterday and I was gutted when I spotted staining from Budding Romance at the base of my index finger. 

This is the blurple mani I wore today, I am disappointed that I already have chips on my middle and little fingers and some horrible tip wear or shrinkage from the Seche.  Hopefully Fancy Pants will wear better next time as it's a bloody fab colour!


  1. Personally I've never had problems with Models Own glitters (apart from the fact that I don't own enough lol) maybe you have a bad batch?

    My Poundland had Sally Hansen. Had. I bought all 7 colours they had on Friday. By Sunday, they were all gone!

    1. Perhaps I got the two duff ones which had sat in Boots for months! We had nothing Sally Hansen wise at all in any of them in Derby. I may try some of other Home Bargain-y type places over the weekend.

  2. Emma, those polishes are so pretty! The pink one looks really nice on you. I can't believe pink can look that nice!

    1. I was sooooo surprised by that pink, I usually hate soft shades and yet I liked it so much I'm wearing it again now........


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