Tuesday, 5 February 2013

31 Day Challenge Day 31 part VI - The honourable mentions.

There are just a few more 31 Day Challenge posts I want to mention, the ones I wanted to recreate but due to time constraints haven't been able to do.

First up is Anna of Anna's Polish Addiction.  On the "Day 16: Colour Opposites" day she created this mani, which I thought was awesome.  I haven't been able to think of thumb colours, so I haven't recreated this one.  Yet!  I may do at some point in future!

Source: Anna's Polish Addiction.
The next one I was desperate to recreate is by Melissa of My Nail Journey.  Day 5 was purple, this awesome mani was created which is so simple and yet it wowed me.  I really wanted to recreate this, but I broke a nail and my nubbins were too short to be able to do this (I had fortunately had opportunity in December to prep a lot of posts and the nail break hasn't ever really shown up during the challenge.)  I have some Kiko swatches to post, I thought two of those would have been ideal for this mani.

Source: My Nail Journey
I love a good gradient, on Day 13 Your Cheer Yourself Up Mani, Lydia of Lydia's Nails posted a wonderful combination of pink and blue which had created a purple blend then stamped with a silver stamp.  I had an idea in mind of a red angel stamping plate I wanted to use.

Source: Lydia's Nails
Lydia also posted one I wanted to recreate on Day 12 using striping tape.

Source: Lydia's Nails
Stella of My Wet Nails posted a fab gradient with stamping on Day 30.

Source: My Wet Nails

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  1. I love all these and didn't know about these blogs. I will go check them out when I have time. Wonder if they're on Instagram. That seems easier to me lately.


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