Thursday, 21 February 2013

a-england Princess Sabra

I work in quite an easy going environment when it comes to nails, so I'm not massively familiar with "work appropriate" nails, but these nails seem quite work appropriate in my opinion.

When I had done this mani I loved it so much I've worn it for two days and even now don't want to remove it.  After all the polishing for the 31 Day Challenge I guess I'm enjoying a couple of days of not doing much!

This mani is fairly simple. My normal base, two coats of a-england Princess Sabra (Tristam's Eyes) topped with Seche.  On ring finger before top coating I placed 3 round studs, then used 2 coats of Seche.  These are still stuck there now.

Pictures seem to show an appalling lack of clean up, I never even noticed this until now!

This polish is such an amazing colour, olive / gold and in some lights it even looked slightly dusky brown although this was quite dull early morning light.  The subtle scattered holo is great.  

When wearing this polish it has reminded me a lot of "The Lacquer Loving Lawyer" and I have only just realised why.... if you check her Facebook page here, you'll see the profile picture (assuming it hasn't been changed before posting!) you'll see whilst it isn't the same colour, it was just enough to make me think of her!  If you aren't already following her blog, check it out.  Her posts (unlike mine) show her weekly manicures and talk about application and wear time, plus any additions she has made to her mani at the weekend when being "work appropriate" is not an issue.  I paint my nails too often to consider wear times, if I comment on that then it must be poor and work appropriate doesn't matter to me.  But I do think this mani I fairly work appropriate.

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