Thursday, 14 February 2013

Alternative Valentine's post (no hearts here!)

Studs and soft shades.......

I've seen so many fab stud manis (Sammy Nailasaurus I'm looking at you!) so I decided to try and have a go at them. I ordered some 3mm square and 2mm round metal studs from UK based e-Bay sellers as I am too impatient to wait for anything coming from abroad.  They arrived pretty quickly here is my first attempt at using them...

When it came to applying them I struggled: I have no fine tweezers so instead I used a plastic pint glass full of water to dip my dotting tool in before picking up the stud up (the plastic pint glass is what I use for water marbles, I could have got away with a saucer of water for how much I actually needed!) I found this was a little wild with the square studs as they are really to heavy to use with water and I also had issues with water drops on the studs running onto my polish and causing bubbles.  Any application tips will be appreciated, leave me a comment!

Here is the left hand (practise hand) the bubbling is particularly bad on my thumb.

Here is the usual right hand but the thumb is (again) not good!  My learning curve from the first hand was to put a smaller round stud on my ring finger too.

As both my thumbs were not what I wanted them to be I removed them and added some of the Nails Inc Black leather effect which contrasts nicely against the rest of the skittlette.

These nails used Barry M Prickly Pear as a base for the studs and underwear for my little finger, Rimmel Pearly Queen, on my index and middle fingers I have a-england Princess Tears, my thumb ended up as Nails Inc Noho.  The studs were from e-Bay the square studs were from this seller and the round ones were from this seller.  Now I'm off to look for some fine tweezers so I can pick the blasted things up!

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  1. Love the look, I really want to try something with studs myself soon!


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