Monday, 25 February 2013

Bad Nail Day and Nail Mail :)

I've been a little bit grumpy tonight as I'm having a bad nail day, but I got some AMAZING nail mail to cheer me up.

Firstly: the grumpiness.  I got some Sally Hansen polishes (the cheap ones selling in pound shops) and swatched them yesterday - post will be up somepoint in next couple of weeks, not in any hurry with them as they're everywhere - and wore Fairy Teal today topped with glitter.  On removing it (using foil method) I found some staining.  Too much considering I had worn two layers of base underneath it.  And it stained my skin.  This on top of some terrible peeling cuticles caused by the cold snap we are having. Again.  So my fingers look awful in this post.  

The amazing is my nail mail.  My long term desires for Funky Dunkey and What's With the Cattitude have finally been sated after finding them both in a blog sale (for a very fair price too!)  Sara from The Daily Polish is holding a blog sale, if you're reading this in the UK I would definitely check it out here.  Currently the Royal Mail restrictions mean that she can only send within the UK.  I also ordered some "glequins" and some 2mm square silver studs from The BornPrettyStore which arrived today.  I'd actually forgotten about them, I ordered them when the store was closed for Chinese New Year, so actually they came pretty quick.

Here's some swatches (two coats over a matte base, no top coat)

Funky Dunkey is the best purple ever.  The gloss on this polish is showing reflections and this is without top coat.

What's With the Catt-itude is a blue I have been wanting since I first saw it, I thought Can't Find my Czech-book may have duped it, but they are certainly different.  WWTC is somewhat streaky even after two coats, CFMC goes on almost perfect in one coat.  But this shade of blue means even if it's a 3 coater I'll forgive it.  Looking at these pictures I can see an odd thing happened on my second coat on each nail by the cuticle line - as I said BAAAAD NAIL DAY!


Finally, heres a bonus pic of my first attempt with the glequins.  I used silver, pale pink and brighter pink.


  1. That's lame with the Fairy Teal, staining is such a pain!

    Lucky you I've been lusting after Funky Dunkey for a while now!

    1. the staining is still there now a week on.... can't be arsed to scrub it off or buff it off though, so it'll be growing out.


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