Sunday, 17 February 2013

Barry M Nail Mail

I ordered the new Barry M Gelly polishes online from Superdrug.  When they came I was really worried that one would have been smashed, they had thrown the four polishes straight into a fairly big jiffy envelope with out any extra packaging.  When I opened them I could smell polish and I was worried that one had smashed, but luckily all was ok.

I have tried editing my pics together for this post so it isn't as picture heavy... May try this again in future.

I broke a corner off my middle finger so my watermark may seem intrusive, but as I can't file the damage out fully I have got a funny shaped middle finger and the watermark is covering it!

All are two coats no topcoat.

 L-R Lychee, Papaya, Dragonfruit, Greenberry

First up is Greenberry, this is possibly my favourite of the new Gelly collection, a vivid green.

 Next is Papaya an orange shade which screams summer and will look fab through the summer months.

Dragonfruit is THE shade of pink I have been missing in my stash, it's not quite a barbie pink but it's definitely a shade I will be wearing again.  This one has a hidden shimmer, making it different to the other Gelly polishes.

Finally is Lychee, a creamy nude shade.  This is very similar to Color Club Nomadic in Nude, but as it is a Barry M I'm sure the advantage of this will be watermarbling, NiN is terrible to try and watermarble with.  The main pic below shows it dotted with Blueberry Icecream, this is how I ended up wearing this polish first from all of the Gellys.

The next Nail Mail also came with some bright make up, the make up was quickly snaffled up by my 14 year old stepdaughter who declared it awesome, but the nail polishes were firmly retained by me!  I recently was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Judes Addiction, which included the following Barry Ms in Mint Green and Blueberry Icecream.  Be sure to check her blog out :)

First is Blueberry Icecream, a fab bright blue, very similar to China Glaze Electric Beat.  This was almost perfect in one coat, but I applied two.
 Mint Green (my favourite shade of late) is a fab cream finish not quite as bright as Greenberry.


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