Wednesday, 13 February 2013

China Glaze Avent Garden Collection

There were two polishes I originally picked from the Avent Garden collection, then I started seeing swatches and picked up a couple more.

First up is my favourite type of blue, bold and bright, Sunday Funday.

Next is Fade Into Hue, a periwinkle blue with a leaning toward grey.

Next is Tart-y for the Party. This bold lilac is brighter than the camera would capture.

Finally is a red/pink Snap My Dragon. This one is un-me, but I liked it in pictures I'd seen of other people's swatches.  This is the only one I put Seche over, I have had a couple of small peels of the nails on my index and middle fingers which look like spots on these pictures - I tried Seche to smooth it out.

Removal of these was... interesting.  The best way I can describe this is "dry!"  I wore Snap My Dragon as it was shown above for a day.  I removed it this afternoon and found it a pleasure, normally strong colours may stain skin and nails, but removing these using same remover and cotton wool as normal was quite easy, no staining on skin and even after 24hrs wear no staining on nail (more so than normal...)

Here's an unpainted pic taken straight after removal, no hand washing, just a coat of nail envy.

I only had one problem with the application of all of these: a Siamese Cat who wanted to be sat on my knee and who was jumping all over me.

This is "Lurch" who has adopted me after breaking into our house over Christmas! He doesn't pose for pictures so it is blurry.  He belongs to next door, but has made his second home with us, he's a lovely natured little bugger who demands a lot of attention, hence him climbing all over me.


  1. Aww your kitty is gorgeous!

    Sunday Funday is incredible, what a great colour.


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