Tuesday, 5 February 2013

China Glaze Hologlam Nail Mail.

Ok, so I started February with the intentions of a no-buy through February and March as I am on holiday at the end of March and wanted to save some money to spend in France in the hope of getting some Catrice polishes.  I managed to say no when Anna of Anna's Polishes Addiction emailed me about some bargain Sally Hansens which were only £1 each.    Yet some 18hrs and 12mins into February 1st my no buy collapsed in tatters when I saw China Glaze Hologlam polishes ready and available to buy from NailPolishDirect.  NPD were selling them at £9.95 each so I only ordered two. Since then they have knocked £1 off per bottle.

I ordered Strap On Your Moonboots which is a navy holo and Galactic Grey which is a gunmetal grey holo.

They arrived today and I was duly wowed!  The pictures below were taken in indoor lighting with flash, so the holo may not be as strong as in daylight, but I wanted to share these beauties ASAP!

First up is Strap On Your Moonboots, this is two coats over my normal nail envy / matte base.  No top coat.  This is a dark navy denim type of blue with a subtle holo.  The holo isn't as in your face as some of the Layla Holos, but the formula and application is amazing.  The holo is definitely there and a linear holo.

Next is Galactic Grey.  Wow.  This is an amazing colour.  It is definitely a gun metal colour, in some lights it leans to slightly brown.  In some ways it does remind me of OPI My Private Jet, but I no longer have it to make any comparisons.  It was almost perfect in one coat, but I applied two.  The pictures below have no top coat.

galactic gray grey

galactic grey gray

galactic grey gray

The last picture is with a layer of Poshe, initially it looked like the holo would be dulled but no, it definitely is still there.  And the wretched Poshe didn't create any bubbles!  I don't get on with Poshe at all, but my Seche is lumpy and unusable right now.  Seche doesn't count in the no buy stakes as I see that as essential so more is on the way!

galactic grey gray


  1. Oh that grey is gorgeous! You definitely made a good choice there :)

    And Seche definitely doesn't count. I'm not buying polish at the moment (well...) but I bought one of the large bottles of Seche Vite the other week. I consider it to be in the same category as something as essential as toothpaste.

    1. Nor does nail envy or avoplex, which I also ordered!! I agree they are most definitely essentials and as necessary as toothpaste!

  2. Wow! These are really nice! I may get the grey/brown one.


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