Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dotty / French / Rainbows

I had an idea growing in my mind of creating a mani with a white background, a stripe of colour across the top and dots over main part of nail.  I was going to line the stripe up using striping tape and leave some white above the line.  Anyhow when I got to doing it I thought it seemed too much like hard work aligning all that striping tape, especially as I'm crap at lining tape up using my left hand.  So instead I freehanded a french tip of colour. 

My base was OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, I used red Barry M Blood Orange, orange piCture pOlish Fake Tan, green W7 Neon Green (dupe of China Glaze Def Defying) blue is Kiko Cerulean Blue and blurple is Barry M Indigo.

After I had done this I found a pin on pinterest showing that Katee of A Girl and Her Polish has done something very similar before!  But I hadn't actually seen it until after I'd done this.

Hubby and I are off to Paris next month, so we decided to invest in a new Fuji compact camera.  This was the first time I tried out the new 16MP camera for my nails, it made me realise what hard work the old compact had become: I was using a 6MP Fuji which is probably five or six years old, I was taking up to 50 pictures per post to choose three worth using.  This camera got them in just five.  It also seemed to have no issues with colours :) Here's what the other British Nail Bloggers are up to:


  1. Really cute! love how colourful it is x

    1. Cheers Hon, this one got repinned a lot on Pinterest, I think it's the colourful nature of it


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