Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hits Gato Mia Vs a-england Order of the Garter

This comparison post has been a while coming, it went on the back burner due to the 31 day challenge. 

When I received my order from Sally's Magpies I posted swatches of them and mentioned that Gato-Mia reminded me of a-england Order of the Garter so here are the comparison pictures.

 Side by side in the bottle I think that the a-england looks slightly lighter.  Both have the glass flecks and they do look similar.

On the nail the a-england is the darker polish on my index and ring fingers.  The Hits polish is ever so slightly more green based and on my middle and little fingers.

This last picture is taken under the kitchen lights without any flash so I have oddly coloured skin.

No dupes here :)

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