Wednesday, 6 February 2013

KIKO Swatches part 1

I ordered some Kiko polishes from their website and was suitably impressed with the delivery time (order placed on a Saturday, dispatched Monday from Italy, delivered to me Thursday) especially as this order left Italy on a day we ground to a standstill due to snow in January - these pictures have been some time coming!

These polishes almost caused me to say I've lost my mojo (in the style of Ausin Powers.)  I found them hellish to work with.  Goodness only knows how Lyndsay of PiesEyes blog manages to make them look so good so often.  The formulation was thick yet runny, how can a polish look lumpy whilst flooding your cuticle?  Perhaps it's just something which I'll learn to work with? They certainly aren't self levelling: maybe a good topcoat would make them better?

I ordered seven polishes and got free delivery as it was my first order.
 L-R 330 Lilac, 379 Eggplant, 255 Violet Microglitter
L-R 295 Cerulean Blue, 336 Electric Blue, 401 Peacock Green, 381 Purple Grey

In part one I'm showing the purples.

First one I tried was 330 Lilac, it was very bright and the camera couldn't capture it.  I've edited this first picture and fiddled with colour saturation to try and show the correct colour. My hands are not really lobster colours!

I've left the colour as the camera caught it for the last two.

Next is 379 Eggplant. This was one of better ones formula wise. The colour kept making me think of OPI's Russian collection, I used to have Boris & Natasha and this reminds me somehow of that.

255 Violet Microglitter gives me the impresion it could be worn alone and provide good coverage, but after all the formulation issues I'd experienced I decided to layer this.  This is one coat over Eggplant.  I love the holo glitter scattered through this.


  1. wow I really love the look of violet micoglitter layered over eggplant! It's a shame about the formulas! :(

  2. That purple looks lovely, I have quite a lot of Kiko's and haven't noticed a problem :-( I wonder whether they've changed the forumla recently or something?

    1. The absolute worst offenders were lilac and cerulean blue, they were hideous, especially lilac as I have worn it since. I just reread kiko's description about gel texture.... that's what it is, thicker like a gel. I'm used to thin nail colours, I guess that's my preferred texture to work with, I am not good with "thick" nails!

  3. They're very pretty on you, and that was hilarious about how you worried you'd lost your mojo. I felt the same way for a few months in the fall. I just kept messing up while doing my manis. I had actually sped up and stopped waiting between coats of polish. When I slowed down again and waited a few minutes between coats, the manis were much better again.


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