Wednesday, 6 February 2013

KIKO Swatches Part 2 (picture heavy)

Part two is the bluer shades from my first KIKO order.  I posted the purples in Part One. 

L-R 295 Cerulean Blue, 336 Electric Blue, 401 Peacock Green, 381 Purple Grey

In my previous post I mentioned how the formulation wasn't my most favourite of brands - quite thick and not self levelling, yet somehow it could level itself when it came to flooding my cuticles!  My clean up brush has died a death by acetone so these pictures aren't as sharp as I would like.  All pictures are two coats over a matte base, no topcoat (apart from 336 which does have Seche.)

First up is 295 Cerulean Blue.  This is one of my favourite colours ever.  After ordering it I wondered if it may dupe a-england Galahad or Barry M Turquoise - the Kiko website doesn't show very good pictures of the polish.  When it came it's like both but on steroids.  It leans towards being a neon.  Formulation is a bit lumpy, not so self levelling as most polishes but with this colour I can forgive that, a coat of Seche would hopefully even everything out.

Next is the reason I visited the Kiko site, 336 Electric Blue.  This one is stated to be a perfect dupe of Nails Inc Baker Street.  I've been wanting Baker Street for a while but never really found it at a price I'd pay (someone outbid me with 1 second to go on ebay last weekend..... grrrrrrr) so I cannot make any comparisons.  I swatched this one last as I wanted to wear it. At time of writing this post it has worn very well, 24 hours on and it's looking good still.

Next is 401 Holographic Peacock.  This is very similar to Layla Mermaid Spell, but leans more towards green that blue.  The holo isn't as intense as the Layla but it is still a linear holo, one of the positives is whilst the formula of the Kiko isn't my most favourite - have I mentioned this already?! - it is nowhere near as hard work as Layla which streaks at first coat.

The last one is 381 Purple Grey, I posted the purples earlier, and yet here this is with the blues?   Well I felt that this was more a navy grey than a purple grey, indeed when I lined them up it sat better with the blues.


  1. I have these colours to and the Electric blue is my favourite, mine were ok and didn't feel they were gluppy at all .


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