Monday, 11 February 2013

Lilac Holo comparisons

Before the 31 day challenge I posted about a Layla holo I received as a Christmas gift.  Whilst I was wearing this I was convinced it was a dupe for OPI DS Original so I decided to do a comparison post.  Whilst I was comparing these two I thought I may as well compare a couple of other holo polishes to see if there were any dupes or near dupes.

L-R Ozotic 533, OPI DS Original (with battered cap from years of love) Layla Ultra Violet, a-england Ascalon and Princess Tears.

The two a-englands are not strong linear holos unlike the Ozotic, OPI and Layla, but they certainly are holo.

I used Ozotic 533 on thumb, OPI DS Original on index, Layla Ultra Violet on middle, a-england Ascalon on ring, a-england Princess Tears on little finger.

 Some are similar but no exact dupes here.  I actually think I am swaying more to the Layla than my trusty old OPI (which I have had since release date!) as it is slightly more blue based.

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